AopAop HTTP Server

AopAop HTTP Server is a cross-platform tiny http server for AopAop
Don't use it on a public network, as it has so little code and so simple logic that it can't defend against malicious users on a public network


Currently only for x86 (32/64 bit) platforms



Jan 17, 2024



Jan 17, 2024



Jan 17, 2024


AopAop HTTP Server 0.7.1 Release

Jan 17, 2024
ignore stack smashing detected

AopAop HTTP Server 0.7.0 Release

Jan 16, 2024
support non-English characters filename;

AopAop HTTP Server 0.6.1 Release

Oct 17, 2023
current work dir optimization on macOS;

AopAop HTTP Server 0.6.0 Release

Oct 12, 2023
fix issue: the contents of the package.json file were overwritten even if the file exists;

AopAop HTTP Server 0.5.0 Release

Oct 10, 2023
Complements the ability to download save files that was missed on the Win32 platform;
Turn off log printing so that you can scan the QRcode directly after changing the game project without scrolling up or restarting the AopAop HTTP Server;

AopAop HTTP Server 0.4.0 Release

Oct 08, 2023
add: http server;
add: read, parse and write package.json;
add: print qrcode;
add: download save files;
test on ubuntu 18.04 and putty 3.1;
qrcode optimization;
add: rootdir, package.json param;
test on macos 10.14;
lots of refactoring and optimization;
test on win7, win10 and win11;